Oiling is a very popular form of hair care. Especially girls with high porosity hair will be satisfied with the treatment. Of course, before we see any effects, proper cosmetic and method of treatment must be chosen. Regularity is equally important. There are two methods of hair oiling: on wet and dry hair.

They’re both recommended for dry, damaged, frizzy, colour-treated and bleached hair.

hair-care.jpgOil treatment applied to wet hair.

Take a big bowl and pour ca. litre of boilt and warm water. You may add a few drops of aloe or royal jelly extract, glycerol or hyaluronic acid. Pour the oil into the water. The amount of the product depends on the length, thickness, degree of damage and general condition of your hair. Make it a rule: the smaller amount, the better; remember that you can always add a few more drops of the oil when needed. For example: One tablespoon of oil is enough for long, thick and bleached hair. It’s best if you start with natural and valuable oils. What doeas it mean? The product should be unrefined, cold pressed and rich in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Dip your hair in the mixture for more or less two minutes. Put your hair in a bun or put on a foil hat and towel. In this way you will obtain heat which will quicken the absorption of nutritional ingredients. After approximately one hour, wash the oil away with a delicate shampoo and apply a moisturizing mask for half an hour. The mask will make combing easier.

Oil treatment applied to dry hair.

Spread the oil over the entire length of hair. Its amount depends on how long, thick and damaged your strands are. Maximum two tablespoons are enough for middle-back length hair. Then, we put hair in a bun or make a plait (and wrap it around the head) – do it at the tip of your head so that your clothes don’t get dirty. You may as well put on a towel or foil hat and warm hat. We wash the hair after ca. an hour. Overdried hair absorbs the applied substances much more quickly therefore we can wash it earlier. Use a delicate shampoo and finally apply a moisturizing mask and wash it away after approximately 30 minutes.

Hair oiling with a mask.

The last oiling method is recommended to those who are always busy. It works perfectly well with frizzy hair. Add a few drops of oil to a hair mask. We use the mask according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Thanks to oiling, hair is smooth, shiny and easy to style. Hair doesn’t get electrified or overdried. It’s nourished whereas the scalp is restored. Regular applications improve general condition of hair and scalp.