Probably you’re well-aware that not every substance that you put on your hair is innocent. Almost each beauty product contains some kinds of silicones, parabens, petroleum derivatives, SLS or dehydrating alcohols.

These are included in cosmetics mostly because of their low price and because they can stabilise a product by prolonging its longevity and extend the expiration date. Unfortunately, the same substances don’t extend ‘longevity’ of your hair. A few months of using this kind of a product and your strands will start looking as if their expiration date was about to end…

Probably you’re fairly disgruntled when entering a cosmetic shop to look for a product that is free of the above-mentioned chemical derivatives. This procedure resembles an endless (and fruitless) wandering among shelves full of beauty products that can happen to cause more harm than good.

Luckily enough, at the end of this road, there is a product that will restore the beautiful look to your hair as the word ‘care’ will regain its positive connotations. This hair-life-saving product is Nanoil hair oil – the exclusive cosmetic available in three versions, each of them ideally tones in with a particular hair type.

Would You Like to Know How Beauty Is Composed?

Definitely, the Beauty doesn’t hide in laboratory test tubes. It has to be looked for in a place where it emerges in its all potential and comeliness. In a place where the Beauty can fructify showing its great power, proving that it isn’t possible for the humans to fake it.

Fruit, seeds and pips are the places where the Beauty and its power should be sought. The ancients already knew it since they extracted natural oils from the very sources and used them in both medicine and cosmetology. Today, as researchers proved it, no other substance will take care of the Beauty in a more effective way than natural oils. Moreover, there is no other substance that might have greater active force than the natural oils have; natural oils neither dehydrate nor damage hair at any degree. Therefore, the creators of Nanoil decided to use the power of natural substances and bring to life a hair oil of the ideal composition. They took care of the product to be completely free from any possible toxins and comedogenic substances, parabens, silicones and alcohols.

Nanoil Hair Oil - How Is Hair Beauty Composed

The natural oils are splendid because of yet another reason; they work on 3 levels providing hair with complex care and regeneration.

To make a long story short, the hair oils:

  • act on the hair’s surface making it more beautiful and protect it along the entire length of strands
  • permeate into hair fixing the damages and filling the gaps in the hair’s structure
  • affect the scalp and regenerate hair bulbs since natural oils, as one of a few, are able to penetrate into hair bulbs to strengthen and revive them from the inside

However, this hair beauty product, Nanoil, is more than just a natural oil. Its composition is well thought out and worked out in every possible aspect. Nanoil contains a range of substances that are essential for hair, which are able to take care of hair look, health, youth and flexibility. These substances are:

  • keratin
  • lanolin
  • silk
  • panthenol
  • vitamin A
  • vitamin B

The Beauty Isn’t Just One Thing

Nanoil approached the subject in a professional and sterling way.

The researchers on hair structure let distinguish 3 types of strands classifying them by their porosity, which is a degree of keratin cuticles (that create the outer layer of hair) being risen. In turn, the analysis of the particles composing natural oils enabled to match their size with a certain hair porosity. For that very reason, Nanoil is available in 3 versions, each of them is an entirely different blend of natural oils and active substances, all of which do their best to make your hair beautiful again.

Nanoil For Low Porosity Hair – Protected Beauty

It’s obvious that low porosity hair mostly needs volume boost and lightness. This type of hair is heavy and thick, it’s tough to style it, frequently gets greasy and, unfortunately, it’s easy to overburden it because of exposing it to the improper treatments. One of the most important tasks this version of Nanoil is to fulfil comes down to the protection of low porosity hair against damages. Also, Nanoil is to provide the strands with the appropriate dosage of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. Nanoil for low porosity hair features:

  • cedar oil – cleanses the scalp, halts hair loss
  • coconut oil – nourishes, protects and makes hair glossy
  • castor oil – encourages hair growth
  • shea butter – it takes care of proper moisture level
  • argan oil – the perfect hair heat protector
  • passion fruit oil – slows down hair ageing processes, stimulates work of hair bulbs
  • babassu oil – gifts hair with softness and flexibility
  • monoi oil – improves hair flexibility
  • cupuacu oil – intensifies shine of hair and takes care of hair colour

Nanoil For Medium Porosity Hair – Tamed Beauty

Although hair of medium porosity type isn’t classified as damaged yet, it causes a lot of problems during styling as it tends to be rather unpredicted in its nature (especially if exposed to improper care). It’s fast for medium porosity hair to get greasy, but also it’s easy for the hair to get dehydrated; is frizzy, its ends deteriorate, the strands are often dull and deprived of flexibility. Unfortunately, it’s typical for medium porosity hair to fall out too excessively. Nanoil hair oil for medium porosity hair takes care of strand’s shine, look and condition by regulating the processes that take place in the scalp by strengthening hair bulbs; hence hair stops falling out in the great amounts. Instead, the strands start to grow stronger. The composition of Nanoil for medium porosity hair includes:

  • macadamia oil – is absorbed fast, intensifies hair shine
  • argan oil – the perfect hair heat protector and the shield against the sun
  • marula oil – takes care of hydro-lipid barrier of the scalp and hair
  • jojoba oil – regulates sebum level
  • passion fruit oil – the diversity of anti-oxidants, tames hair
  • coconut oil – restores flexibility and shine, nourishes hair

Nanoil For High Porosity Hair – Rebuilt Beauty

High porosity hair leads the toughest life since it’s extremely damaged and dehydrated. Its ends are split as the strands themselves are brittle. It’s futile to fight for their volume, thickness, and density without having the right weapon at your disposal. Nanoil hair oil is powerful enough to rebuilt such strands; from the very roots (which are hair bulbs) to the ends. The beauty product protects hair against the environmental factors and, at the same time, delivers intensive and complex care. The composition of Nanoil for high porosity hair include:

  • almond oil – smooths and deeply nourishes hair, delivers moisture
  • argan oil – protects against heat and the environmental factors, rebuilds the intercellular cement
  • evening primrose oil – it’s a detoxification for hair and the scalp; relieves irritations
  • avocado oil – the real vitamin bomb for hair; it supplies hair with all essential vitamins and minerals
  • passion fruit oil – hair owns flexibility and beautiful look to this oil
  • cotton seed oil – softens hair and delivers shine along with vitality and the proper level of moisture

All 3 versions of Nanoil hair oil are the ideal compositions of valuable, high-quality ingredients which flawlessly match hair porosity. The action of Nanoil oils isn’t disturbed by any damaging nor dehydrating substances.

Moreover, the use of Nanoil is extremely convenient. You’ll be surprised with the number of applications the product has. Thanks to the innovative approach to hair care, you can create the entirely new dimension of Beauty yourself!