Why do Indian women have such shiny, smooth and pretty hair? It’s because they use hair oiling. What is this conditioning treatment about? To put it briefly, it’s applying cosmetic oils to hair and scalp. Of course, oils used for frying or salads will also work perfectly. What should be done to enjoy beautiful and healthy hair? Learn about the secrets of effective hair oiling.

hair-care.jpgWhat effects does hair oiling bring?

It provides overdried strands with healthy shine, smoothness and moisturizing. It regenerates damaged ends, strengthens hair bulbs, soothes the irritation of the scalp. What’s more, hair oiling defines curly hair, makes brushing easier, protects hair from effects of hot airflow, frosty wind, impurities coming from the external environment. It helps to fight dandruff, protects the colour of dyed hair as well as limits sebum secretion.

How to perform hair oiling? There are several methods of hair oiling. According to one of them, the cosmetic should be applied to dry hair. You also apply a small amount of the oil to the scalp and hair ends. It’s worth to add a massage to this method as it will improve blood circulation, prevent hair loss and strengthen hair bulbs. You leave the oil for at least thirty minutes. Then, you rinse it with cool water and wash your head with a delicate shampoo. We do the treatment twice a week. In the second method we apply the oil to damp hair. We don’t rinse the oil but leave it instead so that it can be absorbed in the scalp and strands.

Which oil should we pick for hair oiling? We can use both cosmetic oils and cooking oils. Feel free to add herbal extracts or essential oils to them. However, remember that everything depends on your hair porosity. On the Internet you can find a list of oils with the information about fatty acids included, which in turn complies with hair porosity. Contrary to appearances, picking an oil is not so difficult. Everybody will find something suitable. There are some more useful pieces of information that we should remember before we start hair oiling. It’s important that the product should be applied to clean strands. Two tablespoons of the oil are enough in case of long hair. Best conditioning cosmetics are unrefined and cold pressed oils – only these products preserve all nutritional properties and precious properties.