Usually, whenever we decide to go to a salon it is because we need a makeover such as dyeing, trimming, or styling. Recently it became more and more popular to do the treatment of oiling the hair as well. The idea of oiling the hair has come to us all the way from India and Arabic regions. If you have ever seen what the hair of Hindu or Arab women look like, you already know why this treatment is so popular.

hair-care.jpgOiling the hair at the salon does not differ from the process done at home.

Well, almost: because at the salon for the procedure you have to pay a bit more. Oiling the hair is basically the application of an appropriate amount of cosmetic oils. The dose depends on the porosity and the damage degree of your hair as well as your skin type. It is very important that when buying oils you pay more attention to their content. Of course, the most important ingredients are vitamins and fatty acids like Omega – 3, Omega – 6 and Omega – 9. Moreover, the method of obtaining the product plays a key role. Keep in mind that the original and fully natural oil should be cold pressed and unrefined. This way, the product will keep all active ingredients and valuable properties. In order to let the product serve us even longer, store it the proper way. In general, it is advisable that all oils are stored in a shady, dry place; some cannot be heated or cooled, as the changing of the physical state can cause the loss of all their necessary properties.

What benefits do we obtain after oiling the hair? This treatment is especially necessary when our hair require immediate help. Additionally, it can be done even when we struggle with certain skin diseases or when our biggest problem is very damaged hair. To put it into simple words, oiling your hair means deeply conditioning. Not only it provides us with good visual effects – but also affects the internal structure of the hair. It strengthens hair follicles and prevents hair loss, regulates sebaceous glands and makes both scalp and hair healthy and beautiful. Moreover, it regenerates split ends and dry parts of the hair as well as soothes irritated scalp. Oiling the hair is also useful for those girls who often undergo many damaging hair treatments at the salon with the use of hot tools and hair sprays. If you use a dye with high concentrations of ammonia, cosmetics containing SLS or are use devices that produce high temperature, the effects of oiling may be the salvation for your hair.

What does oiling hair at the salon look like? It is necessary to have at least two spare hours for that kind of treatment. Firstly, prior to the application your head must be washed thoroughly and the excess water drained off. Secondly, especially selected oil is applied to the hair and scalp. The oil must be suitable for our hair type. A short massage will improve blood circulation. Next, the hair stylist will braid your hair or tie a bun on the top of your head. A good idea is to cover the head with a cap or a towel. Even an old winter hat can be useful in this situation. After about an hour, the hair must be washed with a gentle shampoo and then conditioned. Optionally, a small amount for oil applied only to the ends will protect them from splitting.