Important questions about oils

Hair oiling has become extremely popular recently. New, more surprising and exotic oils are still appearing in the cosmetic industry. However, there aren't many articles about the process of oiling itself. There's almost no one who allays our hesitations and problems concerning this ritual. In the following article, we will try to briefly and clearly answer most important questions about hair oiling.

1. What does oiling consist in?

Oiling is a nourishing therapy for the hair. It involves using a specific hair oil commercially available. You apply it like you do with a regular hair mask but in case of oiling you also massage the scalp to moisturize, nourish and repair the hair. It's like manuring the land to make ripe crops grow. In this case beautiful and healthy hair is supposed to grow on yor head. Keep the oil for quite a long time - minimum one hour, maximum - the whole night.

2. Do I have to wash my hair before the oiling?

No, it's not necessary. Unless you like to use styling products and before the treatment your strands are a bit stiff and in a way 'clogged' with a hair spray, mousse or gel. Then, it's best to wash it. Before the treatment, a purifying shampoo would be best because such a product allows hair for better absorption of valuable ingredients included in the oil. After the oiling, you must wash the hair (SLS-free shampoo will be best because it doesn't disturb the oil's performance). It's similar to face masks - we always remove its excess with warm water or a toner. Do the same with the oil.

3. My hair is oily. Is it a good idea to oil my hair with a greasy oil?

Of course, it is. There are numerous oils meant for oily hair. Such oils contain substances which normalize the work of sebum therefore used regularly they will normalize the work of sebaceous glands. It may seem paradoxical: oil for oily hair. But this the power of natural oils.

4. Which hair oil should I choose?

There's a huge diversity of oils commercially available, most of them have a versatile use. They're used not only in care treatments - you can consume them and use in the kitchen. Therefore, when you're choosing an oil, focus on its main properties (e.g. if you have oily hair, look for the oil which normalizes sebum secretion) as well as pick the one with a versatile use. If, for some reason, you're dissatisfied with the oil's performance, feel free to use it in the kitchen.

5. Can I combine different oils?

Absolutely. It enhances their performance. However, when it comes to the choice of proper oils, you should trust cosmetic companies which offer well-suited and balanced oils.

Tips on oiling the hair:


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Is your hair weak, thin and unruly? Does your hair need reinforcement, damage repair and strong regeneration? Perhaps you already know that hair oiling is a good method of doing so, which in fact works better than some of the professional in-salon treatments. Now you’re wondering which oil to choose in order to reinforce the hair without overburdening it. Here’s our tip: go for argan oil. Best if the oil is organic and 100% natural, just like Nanoil. It’s your ally in the fight...


Oiling is a very popular form of hair care. Especially girls with high porosity hair will be satisfied with the treatment. Of course, before we see any effects, proper cosmetic and method of treatment must be chosen. Regularity is equally important. There are two methods of hair oiling: on wet and dry hair. They’re both recommended for dry, damaged, frizzy, colour-treated and bleached hair. Oil treatment applied to wet hair. Take a big bowl and pour ca. litre of boilt and warm water. You may...

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Choosing a well-matching hair oil may be problematic. This entire ‘porosity’ thing and multitude of fatty acids in oils… do you always have to occupy your mind with such stuff? Well, it’s better to be aware of this – then, you can expose the strands to the suitable type of care (which is connected with choosing the right oil). The problem starts when hair has various porosity, which means that is greasy at the roots and dry on ends. It also happens that scalp is dehydrated,...


If you’re beginning your adventure with hair oiling, you should learn a few basic rules. You must know how often it should be done, what oils to choose, what the treatment looks like and what effect you can expect. There’s a general rule which says that hair oiling should be performed at least once a week. Actually, frequency of treatment depends on many factors. There’s no point in applying oil to hair which isn’t damaged at all. Maybe once a month to make it shine nicely....


Usually, whenever we decide to go to a salon it is because we need a makeover such as dyeing, trimming, or styling. Recently it became more and more popular to do the treatment of oiling the hair as well. The idea of oiling the hair has come to us all the way from India and Arabic regions. If you have ever seen what the hair of Hindu or Arab women look like, you already know why this treatment is so popular. Oiling the hair at the salon does not differ from the process done at home. Well, almost:...


Why do Indian women have such shiny, smooth and pretty hair? It’s because they use hair oiling. What is this conditioning treatment about? To put it briefly, it’s applying cosmetic oils to hair and scalp. Of course, oils used for frying or salads will also work perfectly. What should be done to enjoy beautiful and healthy hair? Learn about the secrets of effective hair oiling. What effects does hair oiling bring? It provides overdried strands with healthy shine, smoothness and moisturizing....